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Drop Off

No time to come by during regular hours? No problem. Drop off your vehicle whenever works best for you.

Welcome to GTA Transmission Repair

With so many transmission shops out there, why choose us, right?

Because we are like you: real people, trying to make a living and trying to make a difference. 
We are a family-owned and run transmission shop, open since 2014 to provide you with an affordable and reliable transmission repair service for your vehicle.
But the story goes back way further than that, when Derrick's father, Hugh, started his tranny shop in the 60s, in Etobicoke, where Derrick practically grew up in.

Now, the story repeats itself, with Alicia, Derrick's daughter, spending time at daddy's garage. 

Come by for a visit. The diagnostic is free*, as well as the coffee and, if you're in luck, you might be gifted with one of Alicia's drawings! 

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