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Refueling and pouring oil quality into t

A lot of drivers don't know, but transmissions also need to be serviced once in a while. Yep, not all manufacturers' books will tell you that and there's been a lot of talk about "fill-for-life" trannies, which, supposedly, would require zero maintenance. Sorry to break the news to you, but that's simply not true. Why?


Just like engines, all parts inside of transmission require lubrication to perform. Over time, excess heat ends up breaking down these fluids, compromising their properties and viscosity.


All of a sudden, you start feeling that something is not right, but not quite sure what it is. Your transmission starts to shift differently or even slips. That's because the friction elements inside your transmission can't perform properly anymore, due to the fluid being compromised. At that point, it could already be too late...


So, what might seem to be another weight in your budget could, actually, increase your transmission's life span and save you the big expense of having your tranny rebuilt.


We recommend a transmission service every 50,000 km or two-year interval, depending on your driving routine (city driving will demand more from your tranny than highway driving, due to heat). Tip: a cheap and effective investment to give your transmission an extra level of protection: have us install a transmission cooler, which will keep it running nice and cool, especially in those hot and humid summer months.


Aside from that, we also do engine oil & filter services, as well as differential, gearbox and transfer cases.


Just give us a call and we book you in, at your convenience.

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