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We all know that the engine is one of the most fundamental parts of your vehicle. But, what a lot of people don't know is that your transmission is just as important, if not more. Without a healthy transmission to deliver the engine power to the wheels, your vehicle (you) won't be going anywhere.


That's why it is crucial to have your transmission repaired by specialized technicians. Think of your car as a human body, and the transmission, a vital organ. When seriously injured, just visiting your local practitioner won't cut it. You will need a specialist, someone who knows that organ inside and out. The same applies here.


We are your transmission specialists because that's all we do. With our MULTI-POINT CHECK diagnostic service, we will pinpoint your vehicle's problem, both quickly and effectively, using the latest technology in the industry.


Like a bunch of other transmission shops out there, GTA Transmission is specialized in complete rebuilds of both foreign and domestic, automatic, standard or CVT, and dual-clutch transmissions, torque converters, transfer cases, differentials, axles, and other driveline components. But, unlike the majority of the other transmission shops out there, ALL our rebuilds come with a reconditioned torque converter installed, at no extra charge.


Because time is precious for everyone, we strive to have the most common units in stock. That way, if the shop is not crazy busy, our turnaround is two or three days, max.

We don't want to play as if we were this giant transmission shop, just to impress you. But we want to make sure you know that being small does not mean you can't be one of the best. 

Simply put: whether it's a simple repair or a complete rebuild, we've got it covered!


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