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If you are one of those few that drive a car with a manual gearbox, chances are you may never experience a transmission problem, which is great. But, instead, you may find yourself having to replace the clutch at around, let's say, 200K plus.


Watch for signs like: excess fuel consumption, feeling loss of power at the wheels and higher RPM at normal acceleration. A burning smell or sensation of a lighter than usual clutch pedal can also happen.


Perhaps the issue is not the clutch itself, but another component of the clutch system. A worn or leaking hydraulic system can, essentially, cause internal transmission problems, if not repaired in its early stages.


Our clutch kit will include not only the clutch itself, but all its secondary components, which commonly wear, as well. Also, flywheel machining - a very important part of the job, but often overlooked - is included in each clutch repair, to ensure a smooth machined surface for your new clutch to deliver optimal performance.

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